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ASP.NET is Microsoft's manna; Hyper Link Technology Pvt. Ltd. has been keenly looking out for. Microsoft ASP.NET is a technology that allows programmers to create Effective website applications. The revolutionary technology has been designed to hook up businesses, employees, customers and partners in one loop, through use of web services. It is said to have enough fire power to build, deploy, manage, and use connected, security-enhanced solutions with web services.

Hyper Link Technology Pvt. Ltd. Dot Net development team has solid experience in create anything from small, personal websites through to large, enterprise-class web applications using ASP.NET. Our experienced effective .Net developers have extensive work experience in ASP.NET, VB.NET and C # by creating truly n-tier application with in-depth implementation of MVC (Model View Controller).

Benefits of ASP.NET Solutions
  1. Any application can talk to a host of other applications, running on diverse technology and hardware, in turn lowering the operation costs. Consider this one case, wherein the stock management system is connected to the accounting system, resulting in ample savings.
  2. Bring on one platform all your internal applications, your partners as well as your customers.
  3. Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and the .NET Framework supports varied languages, in turn helping developers to focus on work at hand instead of trying to learn a new language that can do the job.
  4. Employees can look for updated information on desktop applications, internet browsers or even mobile devices.
CMS Web Applications & Software Solutions
CMS (Content Management System) is a powerful tool usually used to Effective web development content management to make the content files available either in office, internet and intranet or extranet. It also manages and control large quantity of documents and other content, such as images and multimedia resources. CMS also smoothes the progress of creation of web content documents, information such account payable, and receivable, customer information, emails, etc. The function of web content management systems is to publish and manage web content, structure workflow, create content database for storing, controlling and publishing on Effective CMS website mainly for the organizations in the field of online media, news, articles, portals, large content database online organization, marketing brochures, etc.

Use of Content Management System

Our team knows that our clients deserve our time and attention therefore we provide every single client with a high Quality product. We believe in complete 100% honesty and integrity and in producing work we can truly be proud of. Our philosophy involves working in close association with clients by understanding their specific needs and providing solutions that enable them to cope with the present day's competitive and volatile business environment.

  1. Preserving content in a digital environment
  2. Managing the steps from authoring to publishing
  3. Storing and preserving content in a database
  4. Publishing content on website
  • Additional features that CMS software provides
  1. Essential consent profiles
  2. User easiness
  3. Amalgamation of data from numerous resources
  4. Content check-in and content check-out
  5. Severance between content, form and application
  6. Automatic development of meta data
  7. Automatic development of default color, fonts or layout.
  8. Versioning
  9. Controlling
  10. Link Management
  11. Security
  12. Personalization
  13. Scalability
CRM Web Solutions

CRM is a highly Web development technology that facilitates organizations to develop strategies, technologies, and applications desirable for an organization to precisely manage the current and potential customer, and enables the organization to recognize, and act in response to the customer’s needs in a reliable way.

CRM solutions have impacted the customer service business in more efficient way. The new Effective web design technology of CRM has helped substantially to larger customer based organization in maintaining the customer sales, services, and marketing database in updated form. CRM acts an alternative for feeding information into a traditional static database for future reference. CRM has turn into a developed technology for many of organization to continuously and regularly updating and understanding of customer needs and behavior. Customer can also utilized the developed technology of CRM solutions to perform their own service via a variety of communication channels.

The Key Benefits of CRM
  1. Superior customer faithfulness, retention and support
  2. Effective customer attainment
  3. Stronger brand demarcation
  4. Stronger brand demarcation
  5. Trim down operating overheads
  6. Effective implementation of customer privacy and data security
  7. Better insight into market trends and opportunities
  8. Ability to contend in growing global markets
Dynamic Website DesigningDynamic Website Designing
Dynamic Website Designing
Dynamic Website Designing

Our web architects have experience creating features from scratch or integrating third party products to existing websites. The following are some examples for dynamic website design & dynamic website development: - online catalogs, banner management, real time secure transaction processing, product ranking and review, auctions, publishing, online databases, content management and more. Our web developers specialize in developing dynamic database driven websites using Microsoft ASP/SQL technology. For specific projects, JSP or PHP/My SQL might be the technology of choice, but generally, ASP produces advanced database driven websites.

Furthermore, we develop the administrative functions so that you can easily upgrade and maintain the website with new products, price changes, availability, contact information and news on your own without any technical knowledge.

In other words, we can create advanced dynamic websites with Shopping carts, Query Forms, Feedback Forms, Discussion Forums, Message Boards, Online registration, Site Search, Online Chat etc.

Database Website Development

Web databases vary greatly in function and complexity from collecting visitors' email addresses to storing and retrieving thousands of banking transactions. As the Internet matures, it is becoming apparent, that huge amounts of data and information need to be retrieved and made easily available for an e-business to succeed.

This requires understanding the business functions and designing the database to meet those needs. If the design is well crafted from the start, it not only produces a faster and easier to use database, but saves development time and rework.

At Website Designing India we specialize in building web databases as part of large scale projects. Our programmers will listen to your needs and develop a dynamic website "back-end" that will help your business succeed. Our software designers and programmers can produce a variety of reliable and efficient databases.

This custom website database design, development and integration will represent a substantial savings of the development time and effective for B2C and B2B type of database driven websites.

Full Flash Website DesigningFull Flash Website Designing
Full Flash Website Designing
Full Flash Website Designing

An empowering Flash website design can:

  • make your site stand out from the crowd;
  • differentiate your company from the competition
  • provide an interactive platform that attracts attention;
  • offer space efficient, cost-effective advertising opportunities;
  • impress customers and increase conversion rates;
  • Boost your web site visitor performance.
Flash Web Design: Procedure

Our Flash web site designers are committed to catering for your unique company needs. All our website designers work in close contact with the client to produce a design that fits both the specific requirement and vision of the client.

Each Flash web design project is managed by an assigned project manager who interacts with the client and our Flash designers to ensure a smooth project process and finish.

Flash Design: Part Design

Your Flash website can detect whether or not a user has Flash installed. You can use a Flash design within any type of web site. We can design and program your Flash site to determine intelligently whether a Flash player is present on the user's system. We then present either a standard static site with the option of downloading a Flash player or a fully Flash-enabled site.
Our innovative Flash web designers can create:

  • user-friendly Flash-intros
  • non-invasive Flash banners
  • Flash interactive maps
  • Flash menu systems.
Flash Web Design: Additions
  • business email
  • business hosting
  • content management systems
  • corporate identity
  • email flyers
  • extranet
  • intranet
  • logo design
  • e-commerce website design
  • Full Flash Design
  • Flash Logos
  • Flash Intros
  • Flash Menu Systems
  • Interactive Animations
  • Concept Design
  • Flash Developers Resource
  • Galleries and Movies
  • Flash Animation
  • Kids
  • Dual Version
  • Power Point
  • Flash Hosting
Website Maintenance ServicesWebsite Maintenance Services
Website Maintenance Services
Website Maintenance Services

Your website is an integral part of your company. Your website serves as the heart of your marketing and sales support, helps generate new business and facilitates customer maintenance and support.

Keep Your Website Up-to-date For many businesses keeping a website up to date is a problem that can be associated to the lost of customers and revenue. If you would like to have a dedicated staff available to keep your site up to date without having to pay for a full time employee than Hyper Link Technology website maintenance services may be right for you. Our services empower you to stay competitive, reduce your overhead and manage from a proactive position.

Our services are customizable for you individual business needs. With our Website Management Service, Hyper Link Technology can take care of all aspects of your website for you, including:


Regular updating of your website content


Maintenance, renewal and technical support of your domain names and hosting


Website Copywriting services


Content management system development


Search engine optimization and position monitoring


Regular testing of online web applications


Website activity monitoring and reporting


Site Administration Support (Including e-mails)


Internet consultation on any aspect of your website


Search engine submission.


Search engine optimization


Scheduled offsite backups


Disaster planning, recovery and restoration


Website design changes

Do You Need Our Website Maintenance Services ?

Hyper Link Technology website maintenance services are ideal for small to medium sized business that rely on their website for everyday business operations but do not want the hassle of constantly updating it. We can provide you with regular content updates, necessary back-ups, email management, technical support, and the regular marketing of your website. Our services are geared specifically for companies that do not have their own in-house web support staff and want to ensure that their website is well maintained and constantly caught up to date.

What Costs are Associated with Website Maintenance Services
Our average client pays Rs. 1,000/- a month for our website maintenance services but vary depending on the size of the website and level of service needed.
How Quickly are Updates Performed
Most requested changes can be done within a day or two. It’s very often that your updates are completed within the day they are requested. Sometime a change can take longer depending on the size of the update, but we guarantee our service and give your business priority on all updates ensuring they are done quickly. We are available at all times during the update process to inform you on the status of your project and provide you with an estimated time of completion.
How Do We Get Started ?
Please call Hyper Link Technology at +91-9958145790-92. We believe that a thorough consolation is needed to successfully start any engagement. We would like to talk to you about the specifics of your needs and understand your website maintenance needs by asking good questions and listening to your answers. It’s only after we understand your needs that we will present you with a detailed project proposal outlining our deliverables and timelines for your needs.
PHP Website DevelopmentPHP Website Development
PHP Website Development
PHP Website Development

If your goal is to develop high quality PHP and My SQL based web applications in an expedient manner and want to save money doing it - your search could be over.

Many of our custom designed e-business solutions and online web applications are developed by using famous combination of PHP-MYSQL- One of the widely popular open source combination. PHP is widely used for developing dynamic, database-driven website. Whether you need an e-commerce system, online business application, collaborative networking systems, content management system or back-end system for data management, Hyper Link Technology offers affordable PHP programming websites and custom application development services. Our dedicated team of PHP consultants, developers and PHP coders is ready to develop reliable and scalable web solutions per your requirements.

We also offer offshore dedicated programmers team for international client for PHP, My SQL or pg SQL related development as our offshore outsourcing services. Our web developer team has more than 8 years vertical experience in PHP & web applications programming.

Our Experience
  1. Online store front and e-commerce oriented web-based systems
  2. Sales Automation and CRM solution.
  3. Online communities, social systems, social book marking and blogging systems.
  4. Auctions and Reverse Auction
  5. Payment systems and payment gateways integration
  6. Shipping systems integration
  7. Application Development with consuming XML Data feed
  8. Online multi player games
  9. Ad word-based and banner exchange systems
  10. Affiliate tracking systems and affiliate advertising-based systems
  11. Statistics collection systems and components
  12. Online Booking & Quote Engine systems
  13. Scheduling management
  14. Mass Mailing & News Letter Management Solutions
  15. Mass Mailing Solutions
  16. Web mail, Web Calendar
Re-design WebsiteRe-design Website
Re-design Website
Re-Design Website

Do you have a website and still not getting the desired results? The problem is not in your business, but in your website. Just trust us, as a premier Web Design Company in India, we can redesign your website and give it a boost, you would have never dreamt of. By availing our Website Redesigning Services & Custom Website Design Services, you can ensure higher rankings of your website on top most search engines that will ultimately lead to more business opportunities and business promotion.

We are a Professional Web Design Company, extending services to redesign clients pre-existing websites thereby adding value in real terms. We understand the terms and terminologies of internet and hence incorporate the most desired tools to perk up the standards of your websites.

3 Steps to Plan Your Web Site Project

Step -1 Perception

Here we start with the project to re-empower your online presence. Firstly we look at your existing website and scrupulously analyze all the relative aspects. We clutch our cognition to the pros & cons of your current website. This process is mission to extort the essence of your existing website so that we may render the best solution for your website redesigning.

Step -1 Perception
Once we are all the way through with all the respective information, we start with next step i.e. Interaction. In this two way process, on the one hand we convey our make outs to the client and listen the points from client as well. This process is projected to get cognition about end-to-end details concerning client's prospect. Details about budget, format, core points etc., are shaped in this step. Here we plan the flawless strategy for the entire process of website redesigning. We keep up high level communication with clients so that we can maintain transparency between client's anticipation and our offerings.
Step -1 Perception
Result is what we have committed to you i.e. a strong online presence that leads your business towards peak of success. Our website redesigning services are integrally structured to abscond zero space for any flaw. Up-to-the-minute technology brings into play by our assiduous pool of technocrats to redesign your website. Serving nothing less than best is austerely followed tradition of Hyper Link Technology Pvt. Ltd. which consequently tags along our website redesigning services as well. We recuperate your website in such a way that it gets high visibility which turns out in form of more business opportunities and business promotion.
Static Website DesigningStatic Website Designing
Static Website Designing
Static Website Designing

Hyper Link Technology Pvt. Ltd. is a decade old Web Design Company in India having a sound track record in the sphere of Static Web Designing and Development. We consistently meet & exceed expectations of people who seek flawless services for Web Design in India. Our experts are holding unrivalled expertise, enabling us to render Professional Web Design services for the creation of professionally designed static websites.

As a premier Website Designing Company & Website Development Company, Hyper Link Technology Pvt. Ltd. has always believed in giving budget friendly solutions to the clients. Hence, worldwide clients praise our services for Web Page Design, either standardized or customized. So if you are in the quest of Custom Website Design, then must have a look on the entrenched credentials of Hyper Link Technology Pvt. Ltd.